Where to Begin?

So, after ten million and a half tries I’ve finally gotten my thoughts coherent enough to actually start this blog.  I’m sure if you search hard enough you’ll find about 20 different blogs with my name on them that have set adrift (let’s have a moment for the abandoned, shall we?).

I’ll make this first entry short and, how I like most things, sweet:
I’m not your average twenty-something girl.  Under all the hairspray and gossip I’ve got a secret yearning for something more.  For years I’ve tried to pinpoint exactly what makes me the happiest so I can harness it, turn it into a career, and ride it all the way into retirement.  Recently, I was smacked into by a Mack Truck-like idea: I’m happiest when I’ve got a glue gun in my hand.  Or a spatula.  Or a glass of champagne.  And while I’m sure I can’t spend the majority of my life solely as an alcoholic, (although, I think partial-alcoholic is somewhat acceptable)  this stroke of genius made me ponder the fact  that in a hustly, bustly world it really is something special when you can sit down for a quiet, little hour and create something to make everything just a little bit prettier.  Or, tastier.

What’s hardest to figure out is that there’s a whole world of craftiness for everyone and that we do not have to look like Martha to put together a damn good centerpiece.  My name is Kelly, I like tattoos, Tool, and booze.  Furthermore, I dies for glitter.  Anyone can let their inner crafty bitch out too, and I’m here to poke and prod until it happens.

So, without further ado, welcome to my blog.  I’m hoping to fill this baby up with detailed recipes for tasties, instructions on artsy shizz for the creatively challenged, and photos of my latest crafty accomplishments (and, probably, failures).  Not to mention, there will be general raves about anything that makes my inner crafter beam with joy and rants about things that make my outer bitch even bitchier.  🙂

Love and Sprinkles,
Crafty Bitch

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9 thoughts on “Where to Begin?

  1. I feel like you are my bogging soul mate… we are on the same track here I think. Wanna help make each other famous? Ha ha… I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve! Oh, and I love hot glue guns.

  2. Thank you for sharing the song “Rumand Coca Cola”, my favorite drink! Good luck on your new blog. It’ll take time to build up a regular practice, but once you finnd your stride it’ll be smooth sailing!

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