A Peek in the Kitchen: Boy Wonder runs Critically Acclaimed Restaurant

Regardless of the fact that this kid eerily reminds me of one of my ex-boyfriends, he still fascinates the guts out of me.  He’s 21, shy as all hell, and fucking brilliant.  I was only in Kingston, Ontario once and he was 16 at the time (oh my, I hear someone at the door.  Oh, hello, no worries, it’s just my midlife crisis).  If I ever head back I’m definitely going to pop into Luke’s Gastronomy.

Just a warning, if you’re the type of person who likes to ignore that some of your food has a face, it’s probably not a good idea to watch the following video in which Chef Luke prepares tete du cochon.  If it makes you feel better, the pig looks like he’s happy– smiling even.  I, on the other hand, am the type of person who sees a pig and ponders over the quickest way to get him into my belly. Om nom nom….