The Arts & Crafts Revolution

So, I’m sure you are wondering what this page is all about.  And while I’m sure you’ve figured out the “arts and crafts” bit, you may be confused as to where the “revolution” bit comes into play.  And this, I will explain, mon petite cupcakes:

Once upon a time, arts and crafts were the highlight of any girls creative repertoire.  To create a Thanksgiving centre piece out of twigs and pinecones was something to be proud of.  Sewing, knitting, and crochet was not the rare talent that it is today as every Dawn, Kate, and Mary could turn a heel or spin out a doily.  But, somehow, over the years, arts and crafts have gone the way of Summer Camp wallet making: dull and joyless.  The question is: why?  I know, I know: “sometimes it’s just easier to buy something, rather than make it yourself”.  And in a society that values efficiency above all else, this could very well become a twenty-something girl’s mantra.   But, seriously, where would we be today if Michelangelo had decided to buy a nice marble bird bath at Ye Olde Ancient Walmart instead of creating David?  I can’t count the number of socks I’ve thrown away because of tiny holes, but I will have the socks my grandmother knit me until they’ve been repaired so many times that they are just one giant darn.  Arts and crafts aren’t about making necessities anymore, but it is about expressing yourself and being proud of what you’ve created.  And so what if you’re not an especially imaginative person, out of the dozens of shitty macrame pillow cases you churn out, you might just discover your own niche and create your own David.

Arts and crafts are cool, kids.  I’m bringing it back.


7 thoughts on “The Arts & Crafts Revolution

    • I would sell my future first born for an entire room to house my bountiful glitter supply ❤ You are a lucky woman. I'll definately check out craft gossip, thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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